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Sidewalk Warriors

ust about 11 days ago (Ash Wednesday) the 40-day for life campaign began. This is a campaign that takes place worldwide and this year is from March 6 to April 14. It is very uplifting to see how people who have committed 1 hour (or more) a week, are faithfully fulfilling their word. These people are praying for the end of abortion, for the conversion of the employees of the clinics and for that mother who is cornered, confused and wants to end her pregnancy, desist from doing so. These people, who participate in the prayer vigils, are true soldiers of life, who among their multiple occupations, sacrificing rest and other things they may be doing, are in the first bastion of defense of pregnant women and unborn children. Many other people, prefer to go to the movies, to take a walk at the park, to take a nap, to do some shopping, what do I know ?, there are so many things that can be done, especially today that we live the culture of ¨me first, me right now and then me …” and the culture of over-entertainment. There are other people who are also praying, from a monastery, from a hospital bed or a medical treatment, as well as those who take care for the sick and help the poor. These are very valuable things that can also be offered for the same intentions of this campaign of 40 days for life. The climate of this region (El Paso, TX) is unpredictable. Precisely, these days has been doing “a lot” of wind, it has rained, it has been cold, and then the heat returns, yesterday (Saturday, March 16) it was “snowing” in some areas and in others it fell sleet and other places just rained…, and the warriors of 40 days for life were in their posts, with their rosary in hand, firm and faithful to the call. What can stop these soldiers of life? Neither cold, nor heat, nor wind nor rain, nor adversity nor comfort stops these warriors. They can only be stopped if they have achieved their goal: the end of abortion! The conversion of the hearts of the people! These people make those words that Marcus Aurelius, an stoic philosopher, mentioned hundreds of years ago, come back to life: ¨To be like the rock that the waves keep crashing over. It stands, unmoved and the raging of the sea still around it.. “

p.d.- If you are interested in participating in this campaign of 40 days for life, there is still time, go to the website to find your right place:

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