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stop satanic temple's abortion facility!

The Satanic Temple has opened a new abortion facility in New Mexico, using "Religious Freedom" as an excuse to exercise "Ritual" abortions. 

Babies brought to this facility will be slaughtered for this satanic ritual, and their mothers' lives will be endangered.

For the sake of innocent babies and the safety of mothers, will you sign this petition to shut down this abortion facility? 

Satanism has long ties to child sacrifice, which is why abortion fits their agenda perfectly. 

There has been a recent uptick of satanic news and activity, as they have erected demonic statues in big cities like New York supporting abortion. 

For the first time, the true nature of abortion is on display for all to see. 

It has never been about women's rights, and it has always been about killing babies. This proves it. 

We don't have much time. We must convince the New Mexico governor that this is unacceptable and we won't stand for it. 

I know you don't want to see babies killed in ritual sacrifice, so will you sign this petition to stop them? 

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