Pride of What?

In reference to a publication in the El Paso Times (of course) from June 26 ( has caused confusion and disappointment in the good faith Catholic community. The column is also signed by Protestant pastors, and from other denominations, but I am not interested in what they teach at all. The vast majority of them decided to form part of a faction that decided to separate from communion with Peter, since the 16th century and some others were more recently founded. I am more interested in debating the points of this publication since two priests, and one religious brother, of the Catholic Church, to which I have the honor, fortune and happiness to belong, signed it. But, since they did it in an open forum and what they say there IS NOT CHURCH DOCTRINE, therefore it is debatable. And it is what I am going to try to do in this writing.

In the first paragraph it says: “If religion contributes anything to the world today, it forces us to push against our human inclination to focus on our own selfish concerns. (…)”

Comment: Well, what religion are you talking about? This article is signed by nine different religions. I can assure you that of course, our Catholic Religion contributes and has contributed since it was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, not only an spiritual fight, but defense of life, family, promotion of peace, art, architecture, saints, martyrs, literature, science; the scientific method, the laws of evidence, mathematicians, thinkers,…. Etc., They should not generalize, they have to be specific. Of course, religion brings something to the world.

The article goes on to say: “The Book of Genesis reminds us that when God created the world, God created humanity “in the Divine Image.”

Comment: This is imprecise: the book of genesis says: “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1, 27). By the way, I emphasize: ” MALE AND FEMALE”… nothing else (regardless that Facebook says there are 71 different genders and Cosmopolitan says 13 genders). Furthermore, God said,” God blessed them, saying: “Be fertile and multiply…” (Genesis 1, 28), something that is impossible for same sex couples, that does not require any further explanation. , this is why, the LGBTQ lobby is a strong advocate for surrogate bellies and for same-sex couples to be allowed to adopt children.

The writing continues saying: “The soul imbued within each of us is equally divine and pure. The Jewish sages teach that this common ancestry reminds us we are all equal and worthy of the same dignity and respect.”

Comment: In reference to the divine soul, it is a mistake. You see, the human soul is created by God at the moment of conception and therefore is NOT a divine entity, but human; human soul it is also a creature (Catechism Catholic Church, 366). On the purity of the soul, it is true in a certain sense, but, sin can cause the “death of the soul” (Benedict XVI, Sunday Angelus Feb 15, 2009) and for this reason we must appeal to the sacrament of penance. Also, it is true, we all have the same dignity and we must be respected, but, men and women are not equal. Women and men are very different, I don’t think it is necessary to remember biology and human anatomy lessons (by the way, there have also been great contributions from Catholic Christians in these areas