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PP = Perverts and Perverse

A few weeks ago, Planned Parenthood launched a new automated system (called Roo) designed for youth and adolescents, to answer “uncomfortable” questions (to use the same terms) about sexuality. I’m not going to put the link to this system because I will not be the one to promote it. This “service” is a system of a database previously programmed by sick, perverted and perverted minds, who are doing everything possible to reach our youth and children. The system consists of a “chat” that only works by going to a link on the internet and it is not necessary to install an application, but only by going to your system online is how you can access it. That is, there is no trace or history of that someone downloaded to a mobile device. The truth is that PP is trying to penetrate even the most intimate of your family. But in general terms, they want to influence “YOUR” children and “YOUR” family. This is because they need more customers. That’s how they make money. With more distribution of contraceptives, and as these fail can not stop the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases or “unexpected” pregnancies (I confess that I do not understand why they call it unexpected because it is known for sure how a woman gets pregnant). Returning to the “chat” system, anyone (of any age) can ask a question about sex and the system will automatically give a response. Now, what can we do as parents to neutralize this? Love and approach your children and talk to them. Sexuality in people is a blessing and something very beautiful and good, if it falls within the order, Love and Responsibility. There is nothing wrong with sexuality itself. It is a gift from God and we participate in the creation of man, being thus like God, and creating beings similar to Him. It also has a unitive significance in the couple, as taught by Humanae Vitae (HV 12). Also, be well informed about what PP really is. It is a powerful company that traffics with baby organs and makes a lot of money from abortions. You have to know that behind that system of “Chat” there is someone who with very bad intention used technology to ideologize your children. Be careful! PP is not your friend or ally! Do not let them fool you! They do not provide health services, that’s just the hook and the facade. When companies like PP disappear, sexually transmitted diseases will decrease and also physical and moral injuries to women will decrease. They (PP) are an anti-woman, anti-man and anti-person company … and very pro-money. “They insist on talking about Birth Control when they mean less birth and no control. We could smash them to atoms, if we could be as indecent in our language as they are immoral in their conclusions.” – Chesterton

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