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Planned Parenthood Strategy

The opening of the Abortion Clinic Planned Parenthood (PP) in El Paso is neither coincidental nor random, but obeys a market strategy and positioning of abortionist, contraceptive ideology and the promotion of gender ideology for this region. As we already know, this City is the pivot of an international market due to its geographical situation with Mexico and the presence of Fort Bliss. PP is creating an “ironclad” as they call it, at strategic points, because they foresee that with the appointment of the new Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh they will be at a clear disadvantage. This city represents an ideal point, where the presence of very liberal sectors are in clear control of various areas of government, private sector and Education (School Districts and University). In addition, to face these upcoming changes, PP designed a new communication strategy where they will influence (although they have already done so) more aggressively the media, to eliminate the “stigma” of abortion, as they themselves say and to “normalize” its practice. This strategy is already giving results, such as we can see on Netflix in the cartoon series “Big Mouth”, which is the video clip that I placed above; and in the magazine for teenagers Vogue. It is clear that PP is fulfilling its promises to use all possible means of communication to indoctrinate society, and very specific to “our” children and youth. The presence of PP in El Paso (and in all cities) is not of benefit to anyone. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT THEY PROVIDE LOW COST HEALTH SERVICES. PP lies! If they do not mind taking the life of innocent people, they do not mind lying to achieve their goals… they do this often. We see it in the manipulation of statistics and in the “unethical” way of using federal funds to finance abortions, contraceptives and ideologies that hurt the family nucleus. The arrival of PP in this City represents a challenge. But we must not lower our guard. We have to face the evils that threaten our civilization. We have to prepare more, read more, go more to our Church, unite in communities, call our representatives and why not, make a presence in politics.

“Tolerance is the virtue of man without convictions” – Chesterton

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