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Let’s stop fooling around, Biden – Harris are anti-life

The Donald Trump Administration cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood (PP) to pay for abortions with money we pay taxes on. In the language of PP, “reproductive health care” is synonymous of “abortion”. So, every time someone liberal, leftist or PP say “reproductive health care” they refer to abortions and contraception. Any person in their right mind would understand by “reproductive health care” the care and attention that would be given to a woman so that her pregnancy was healthy, or so that, any problem of the female reproductive system could be solved or a disease prevented. But it’s not like that. At least not for PP.

Returning to the subject, the revenge of PP, towards the current Trump-Pence administration, has been clear, by committing to the Biden – Harris campaign to invest $45 million dollars for the 2020 presidency. Here I have a question, and if anyone knows the answer, I would appreciate it if you share it in the comments below: what non-profit organization is capable to “donate “$45 million dollars” to a political campaign? I think the answer is clear, we can logically conclude that this was the way that PP bought the candidacy for the vice presidency of Kamala Harris, who is a radical feminist, anti-life and the PP’s champion (crowned by leading the prosecution of David Daleiden who posted the aborted baby organ trafficking videos) . On top of that, it wasn’t a donation at all, as Joe Biden has promised to reinstate Title X if he becomes president (which means giving back to PP money for abortions and contraception with our taxes), and also, to make abortion a law of the land in case Roe v. Wade is repealed (which is why they try to block Amy Coney Barrett’s supreme court nomination). It was really a form of loan for Biden and a bribe to position Kamala Harris.

We can conclude that … Planned Parenthood bought the vice presidential candidacy of Kamala Harris, who is a radical feminist and anti-life …

Many times, some people, with a real concern for the poor and with a real naivety, might suggest that some institutions donate their money to alleviate poverty in the world. I’ve even heard from some who say the Church should do that, which is completely absurd. But, following this same order of ideas, why doesn’t PP donate the $45 million dollars to institutions that really help the poor like the Knights of Columbus, or St. Vincent de Paul, Food for the Poor or Catholic Relief Services? I think that for them, now I sounded naive. I understand them. All right, I’m going to make it easier for you. Why doesn’t PP donate those $45 million dollars to scholarships for women who want to pursue a trade or higher education, or a bonus for homeless women, or for women who have decided to stay home raising their own children, or for women victims of human trafficking… etc…? The answer is clear, is because that is not business. PP has never been about women, but about money, and specifically abortion. Look, if it were not a question of money, or abortion was not so important for PP, then why invest and bet on this issue?

“What is quaintly called Birth Control… is in fact, of course, a scheme for preventing birth in order to escape control.” GK Chesterton

p.d. No matter who wins, Trump or Biden. We have to keep pushing for abortion to end, both for funding, law and even the mere idea.

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