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Immature and Irrational Comment

In reference to the comments of my fellow citizen, Democtratic pre-candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke (he is not hispanic but he calls himself “Beto” to win the sympathy of hispanics) about removing the status of tax-exempt organization from churches if they do not accept “same-sex “marriage” (see the note here ). Although, it should not surprise us because evil powers have openly seized that political party. Now “they have to” defend and promote abortion, gender ideology and the LGBTQ+ always, among other things. I am not making this up, just take a look at the website itself and its political platform (click here). The question still worries me: what happened to John F. Kennedy’s Party? But the problem is not limited to this Party only. It is not even exclusive to this nation. We have seen similar problems in Europe and for a few decades now throughout the western civilization. Canada is another example, where it is better to be a Muslim than a Catholic. I think the answer is very simple. We catholic are alienated and easily distracted by minor things. We are no longer worried about political participation or intellectual formation. We are satisfied to participate in “the catholic hour” a week (Holy Mass) and a three-day spiritual retreat throughout our lives. Certainly, we can’t blame ourselves for politicians like O’Rourke. He is free, and he will give account to God of his use of freedom; as we all will. But how we vote, and how we participate more actively, it does depend on us. How unfortunate that people like these call themselves Catholics. They do not know the doctrine. Before Democrat, Republican or Libertarian partisan, we are “Catholic”. If these politicians want our vote, then they should take a look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church (which you can find for free for free here) as well as respect and support the Catholic Church. But more effective would be for true Catholics (not fakes like O’Rourke) to actively participate in politics. I think of the style of Thomas More, who acted with integrity, coherent and firm in his faith, and this led him to death. Robert O’Rourke, you don’t scare us, we are not afraid!. I know what you are capable of doing to the Church, I have seen it when you were City Council member (see here).

This generation will end in a few decades, the pass through this world, but the Church will continue. They can take away or burn our temples, they can take away the lands, schools, or money … it doesn’t matter, the Church is more than that, the Church will continue in history, because that’s what its founder Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised.

“A madman is not someone who has lost his reason but someone who has lost everything but his reason” – G. K. Chesterton

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