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Hail Holy Mary!

I don’t know what is going on with the LGBTQ and other people that want to offend and attack Christians. I think this has become a hobby for them now. Every day they try to find more grotesque ways to attack the Christian feeling. The LGBTQ has always demanded respect, that have always be part of Catholic Christians (and indeed, the Church asks for respect to all of them in Number 2358 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church), and they are not able to deliver respect for us.

A few days ago a Polish woman (Elżbieta Podlesna) placed images containing the “gay” flag on the aureoles of the image of the Black Madonna and the Child Jesus. (Click here to read the CNN source). This image is also known as Our Lady of Czestochowa. This woman, Podlesna, participates in Amnesty International and it is they who are now advocating for her and say that this is a “peaceful activism”. But it is not the first time that “Amnesty International” openly proves to be anti-Christian, pro-abortion and feminist … among other qualifying adjectives. What the Polish authorities have done is correct, and as the Polish interior minister said: “No whim of freedom and ‘tolerance’ gives anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers.” What is the eagerness to push the LGBTQ agenda? Why the desire to do it in such an offensive way? Yes, we must pray for them, for all those who do these things. But, we also have to defend ourselves, and raise our voices. If we continue to tolerate these sacrileges, we will end up tolerating everything. Little by little we will find ourselves tolerating any whim and insult, under the erroneous interpretation of the gospel of “turning the other cheek”. Very careful Catholics, it’s time to wake up!

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” – Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy

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