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Choices for What?

When we go to the movie theater, we see the different movie options that are on the menu, as well as the different schedule options that best suits me and my family’s needs. All these options have the same purpose: watch a movie. There may be many options, but the finality (purpose) may be one. In other words, if I want to see a movie in the cinema, I do not have to choose between going to the park, a restaurant or the mountain; but I have to evaluate and decide between the options that lead me to achieve the purpose I’m looking for, in this case, watch a movie in the theater. I think all this is very simple and it is common sense. But why do I mention all this? Well, on December 18, a letter from a person from this town who calls himself Catholic and Pro-Choice (in favor of the options) wrote a letter in the El Paso Times Newspaper. That letter has unsustainable, lightly and erroneous arguments. I would like to answer some of them. First, the first paragraph of the letter, is the only one that I will discuss since it speaks of “being Catholic”. The other paragraphs are personal insights of who writes the letter and I have no interest in discussing them. The first paragraph of the letter says: “I voted for, supported, and volunteered for Beto O’Rourke. I’m Catholic. That I am pro-choice does not mean I am pro-abortion. I am against the government making decisions on what a woman should do with her body and unborn child. There are many circumstances that a woman may find herself and her unborn child in, as she ultimately bears the responsibility for that life she bore. Beto supports women’s rights, not ! abortions.(…) (Ralphie Hernandez, East El Paso). “ All right, let’s go by parts. Politically speaking, you can support the candidate you want. But, as a Catholic, I regret to inform you that you have the obligation to support candidates who are attached to and more in communion with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Notice that I have not said that you support anyone in particular, since there is also a principle called “conscientious objection” if you believe that no candidate meets the minimum profile that should, of course no voting for one candidate could be an indirect vote for the other. The criteria is, that of all the actions, decisions and omissions we are going to render an account to God. And we do not know when. ​The letter also says, “That I am pro-choice does not mean that I am pro-abortion.” This is a fallacy. If you are Catholic, your options should be for the protection of human life, mainly. There is what is called a hierarchy of values, and life is above many others, since without life, there are no other rights. Now, saying “pro-choice is synonymous of pro-abortion”. Citing the first example of the Cinema, which I mentioned above. You can have many options, but your purpose (finality) is one. If you are going to defend life, that is an “obligation”, not optional for a Catholic. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is a guiding document for the Catholics, says in paragraph 2258 “Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being.” And there are many other documents and parts of the catechism that speak of this, you said you were Catholic, and I congratulate you, but Catholics have to be better informed before making public statements, if the end of abortion is to end human life, then it can not be an option for a Catholic, and for a non-Catholic it shouldn’t be either. You also say that you are “… against the government to make decisions about what a woman should do with her body and her unborn child …” very well. I am also against the government to take decisions, not only for a woman, but also for me. But, any person, man or woman, does not have the right to make decisions about her/his body, for example, a terrorist who decides (personal decision) to get involved in explosive devices (in his body) and to detonate in the midst of a supermarket full of people. This terrorist made a “personal” and “free” decision with “his own body”, which is exactly what you propose. And so I can put many other examples that challenge this argument. Also, you say something very dangerous and terrible when you mention: “… unborn child”. Then you are recognizing that there is a human being in the womb who has not yet been born. It is the same as if you said: ” I am in favor of the mother doing with her body whatever, even killing a baby in her womb before birth…” you know what the difference is between how you said it and how I said it?, none. Both statements recognize that there is a human being, who has the same dignity that you and I have, and that despite that, only because the baby is in a vulnerable condition, then that person can be disposed as will of those that are more strong and powerful (some know this as bullying). You also add in this first paragraph: … “There are many circumstances in which a woman can find herself and her unborn child …” This is completely true. But what a pregnant woman needs is not an abortion; but support. She needs help, protection, understanding and love. She needs that the authority and society to help and support her. Abortion is a psychological, moral, spiritual and physical trauma in a woman. It is not a solution to anything or an option. Remember that also the baby in the womb can be a woman who also needs support, protection and love. In your letter you also say: “… since ultimately (the pregnant woman) has the responsibility for the life she was leading.” Excuse me, but I think this is false. The responsibility of the life of both, the mother and the baby is a social co-responsibility. It affects us all as a society when a baby is aborted. There are no isolated moral and ethical decisions. Always ethical decisions have some social implication. I do not agree with you on this. Since it is like leaving the woman alone and that she manages alone because that is HER problem. It should not be like that. A pregnant woman, or not pregnant, should not be alone. The woman needs us, although sometimes they looked they don’t, especially influenced by the feminist wave that is a fashion now. Finally, you affirm that “Beto supports women’s rights, not abortions.” .. I believe that someone supports abortion by supporting abortion organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, and by doing nothing to defend the right to life of defenseless women who still are in the womb of their mother. God bless you and count on my prayers. ​-Daniel Flores

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