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“Check!” on Masculinity

Alfrid Lickspittle, is one of the characters In The Hobbit film “The Battle of the Five Armies”. There is a scene when Alfrid, in order to skip the fight that all the other men were doing, dresses as a woman and thus escapes the battle. Later, Alfrid finds some containers with gold coins and hide those his chest. While there is a bloody battle with orcs and goblins (horrendous beings from middle earth) Alfrid only cares about his well-being and he doesn’t care if he has to dress as a woman to accomplish his goals.

This is a wake-up call and an invitation to war for men to defend our nature without fear.

Recently, Vogue magazine launched its December’s issue with a picture of Harry Styles in a woman’s dress (see here) for its cover. The most regrettable of all this is that society is already prepared not to be surprised by these aberrations, and not only that, but some even defend it. I wonder, how did we get here? Even in pro-life sectors and even in the church this is not seen as something dangerous. This is an attack and an insult against masculinity and virility, essential characteristics in the male.

Some people have even cited the famous phrase proposed by gender ideologists and feminists of “toxic masculinity”, arguing that only those of us who dislike these images are “toxic men”. Don’t be fooled, there is no such thing. A man must be chivalrous, gentle and kind but without compromising toughness and virility. You don’t need to be effeminate (unmanly), or wear a dress, earrings, or makeup to show that you have a heart of flesh.

This is a wake-up call and an invitation to war for men to defend our nature without fear. Let’s not be intimidated by misconceptions, or misuse of language, political correctness according to Hollywood and fashion magazines standards. These environments are not friendly to human formation or culture.

Males! We live in a hyper-sexualized age, realize this! They have been manipulating us and want us to let our daughters, wives and sons also be part of this eroticized market. Look who are the ones who invite you to lose your identity by dressing as a woman, or by turning the woman into an object, as in the case of pornography and eroticism. These companies do not care at all about your dignity and much less your eternal salvation. They do not believe in paradise, much less in hell or demons. They are not trustworthy.

Be very careful everyone! Let’s raise our voices and defend our dignity. The cultural war isn’t going to get any better. You don’t have to be like Alfrid, who, knowing that there is a battle to fight, hides under his own skirts and only money and self well-being matter. A man is generous, and he gives himself to the weakest, defenseless and unprotected (such as the unborn, the elderly or the poor…), but beginning at home, with his family and his wife.

Woman: Alfrid Lickspittle, you are a coward. Alfrid: coward!?! Not all men are brave enough to wear a corset. Woman: You are not a man. You are a weasel. Movie: The Hobbit “The Battle of the Five Armies”
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