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Cheating and Degradation of Woman

Last weekend (October 26) the world cycling championship (2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships) was held. In the category of “WOMEN” of 35-39 years, was a biological (and anatomical) Canadian “MAN” who calls himself Rachel McKinnon. Not surprisingly, McKinnon has dominated his “female” opponents (biologically and anatomically) and achieved “first place in the women’s category.” Since comments abound in this regard, McKinnon has been thrown to the ground to say that “they are their rights”, that those who are against us are “trans-phobic”, etc … the same irrational discourse as always. This is ridiculous. I think feminists should be very upset too. Do you (feminists) do not fight for women’s rights?… the physical difference between men and women is obvious, and it is because of these differences that exist different sports categories, for instance: female, male and age… I would not be surprised to hear that a 30-year-old adult defeated a 10-year-old boy in a karate tournament because this adult identifies himself as a 10-year-old boy. This is cheat! It is irrational and senseless. Transgenderism DOES NOT HAVE SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT. You can’t fool biology nor the natural sciences. It is not a matter of human rights, but of common sense (which today is the least common of the senses). Some say that McKinnon takes medical treatments as a woman (this does not make him a woman), and I start to think, do you go with a gynecologist and do you have a pap smear? Interesting! How do they do it? And the most curious thing is that the cases occur of men who identify themselves as women and not vice versa. It is “logical” (another term little used today) and it would be silly for women who identify themselves as men to go to men’s competitions, although I would not be surprised to see it. We live in times of confusion. We talk about rights but not responsibilities or obligations. We talk of “feelings” but not “reason.” We speak about “inclusion” but not “merit,” there is talk of “tolerance” but not ” respect “… and so on. I think the Canadian cheated. I think that because of the play on words he wants to silence public opinion. And sadly I think that women’s sport is coming to an end.

“When we remove the natural, what remains is the unnatural” – Chesterton

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