13 reasons why I believe Planned Parenthood should’t not open its doors in El Paso

Dear reader, I am going to share 13 reasons why I consider that Planned Parenthood (PP) should NOT open its doors in this City of El Paso (and in any other city): 1- Genesis of PP. Founder Margaret Sanger was racist, eugenicist and sympathetic to euthanasia. It is recorded in the story that Sanger multiple times said so. However, PP denies these historical claims and they LIE when saying that she is a heroine. PP has no moral quality to say otherwise. 2- The main PP market is abortion. Although they say that abortion only represents 3% of the services they provide. Look, this is a trick one, PP made in 2017, 321,384 murders of babies in the womb (aka abortions). The problem is that PP is equating the distribution of a contraceptive pill with an abortion. That’s why the numbers are like that. 3- PP traffics with organs of aborted fetuses. This is proven and confirmed. So much so that they have persecuted those who investigated and unmasked the organ trafficking of aborted fetuses. 4- PP encourages the use of contraceptives. Therefore, it encourages promiscuity, and this causes the propagation of sexually transmitted diseases. It is scientifically proven that the promotion of contraceptives increases considerably the dissemination of STDs. Barrier contraceptives DO NOT stop the STDs viruses. 5- PP says that removing federal funds will have “catastrophic” and “devastating” consequences on the national health system. In addition, they say it will significantly affect the low-income class to which they “serve”. This is a LIE, PP does not represent many “services” to the poor class. In addition, they charge for everything they do, nothing is free. If you do not believe me, look on their website. 6- A large amount of PP income comes from abortion. Look, it’s simple math. The cost of abortion varies between $ 350 to $ 950 USD (PP source). In average, the abortion costs $ 650 USD. Now, $ 650 x 321,384 = $ 208,899,600 USD (rounded to $ 209 million in 2017 only for abortions). 7- PP has income from federal sources of $ 528 Million Dollars (paid with our taxes) 8- PP has helped the sexual abuse of minors. This is already a big problem in this city. 9- PP focuses on minority groups. We know that PP clinics exist in areas where Hispanics and black people are concentrated. PP say that to provide services to low income, but in reality is to dec