I Binational Pro-Family Pro-Life Congress

From the Gospel of Life to the Joy of the Gospel

In El Paso Texas:

The goals of the 1st Binational Pro-Family Pro-Life Congress (Congreso) were to bring together Catholics to defend life, family, marriage and religious freedom; to become witnesses of the Gospel of Life to the Church and to all the people; and to celebrate the gift of life, building a civilization of love. The continuous efforts to unite the Catholic Church in the Borderland Region are guided by the post- synodal document, Ecclesia in America.

The bilingual congreso in El Paso, TX was hosted by Bishop Marl Seitz of the Diocese of El Paso and featured key note speaker Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller. Additionally the congress had guest speakers Alejandro Bermudez, Trent Horn, Monica Ashour, and Padre Ernesto Maria Caro.

The Congreso took place on April 18, 2015 in Franklin High School.

Letter from the Bishop to the attendants of the 1st Binational Congress:

Dear participants,

Greetings in the Risen Lord!

By joining us today you are participating in something truly historic. To our knowledge, this is the first time that bishops and people from both sides of our border have jointly planned a Catholic Congress devoted to addressing issues surrounding the gift of life and life's most basic cell, the family. Both life itself and the family are very much threatened in our countries today. Since we live on the border, a joint response in which we draw upon the gifts and insights of one another seemed a natural thing to do.

I am very grateful to all the dedicated men and women who have been planning this day for some time. Their commitment made this day possible. I am also grateful to you for taking this time from your day to be part of these important events. I hope what you learn will move you to a rededication to being involved in the midst of our mutual communities and nations as a necessary leaven for the protection and well-being of all life from its most hidden beginnings.

This is, after all, the vocation of every disciple, to live and proclaim what our beloved Saint, Pope John Paul called, "The Gospel of Life". As Jesus proclaimed, "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Mark Seitz.

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